3 Plovers in 3 Minutes

After spending the day in school getting to grips with metamorphic rocks in Geology, I was picked up afterwards by good friend Allan Conlin and together we headed off up to the Audenshaw Reservoir in Greater Manchester to twitch a KENTISH PLOVER which had turned up the previous day but we were both too busy to head up. This particular Kentish Plover as …

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España: A Birding Extravaganza

On the 1st of April I stepped onto an Easy Jet flight which would take me away from the cold, wet climate of the UK and down to the hot, arid climate of Spain were I’d be spending a week in the blazing Mediterranean sun. I’m fortunate enough to have family living in Spain and …

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Have I got “Smew” for you

The Smew (Mergellus albellus), this Nordic sawbill is the misconception when it comes to avian plumages as when your told that the supposedly stunning drake is black and white your mind goes straight to the Pied Wagtail or Barnacle Goose, both birds which to be totally honest aren’t the most stunning nor attractive birds out …

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