AFON Guest Post: The Gift of Inspiration

Welcome to our 2016 Advent Calendar series (#AFONAdvent)! This year, our theme is “The Gift of Inspiration”. For each day, one of our members has written a blog post about someone who has inspired them, and how that inspiration has lead to them being where they are today. Each member is a shining example of …

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The March on Chester

The European Badger (Meles meles), is an iconic, 12kg carnivorous Mustelidae that is native all over Europe and even in parts of the Middle East. It’s a truly remarkable mammal which we all know and love, yet very rarely ever see. I myself have still, to this day, not seen a live Badger but instead …

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A MEGA end to a MEGA Year

2016, what a year it's been; from the UK’s first Red-footed Booby, Eastern Kingbird, Western Purple Swamphen, Dalmatian Pelican, Masked Wagtail, Lammergeier & astonishing influx  of Siberian Accentors, to record numbers of Yellow-browed Warbler, Red-flanked Bluetail, Pine Bunting, Alpine Accentor, White-crowned Sparrow, Brown Shrike & Isabelline Wheatear without forgetting of course the never ending fall …

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