Purple Sandpipers & Co…

Spent the day catching up with Luke today with a walk round our patch, Bidston Moss NR which was relative quiet. The roof on the adjacent tip had 270c Black-headed Gull which contained a single adult full winter Mediterranean Gull. The large wintering flock of 40c Tufted Duck had departed along with the drake Common Pochard, leaving just a pair of Tufted Duck and a new pair of Eurasian Teal picked up by Luke on call; a rare visitor to the site.

Lukes Med Gull_edited-1

Mediterranean Gull (Icthyaetus melanocephalus)

Heading to New Brighton we dropped into Luke’s school to scan the gulls, he was complaining how he hadn’t seen a med here in months and a seconds after saying that I found one moulting into summer plumage; 13 Eurasian Oystercatcher where also present.

The dips at New Brighton where empty however several flocks of Common Scoter were relatively close-in to shore, a sinensis Great Cormorant in full courtship plumage was an unexpected and top spot by Luke whilst I was scanning the scoters. Meanwhile 12 Purple Sandpipers where roosting on the marine lake with an assorted wader flock and my third Mediterranean Gull of the day shot over, seconds after saying to Luke I’d never seen one here.

purp sand 1_edited-1

Purple Sandpiper (Calidris maritima)

sinensis great cormorant_edited-1

‘Continental’ Great Cormorant (ssp. sinensis)


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