Ibericus: A catch up…

So, 44 days on since its discovery the 1st summer/2cy Iberian Chiffchaff was still strong as ever at Thurstaston Common this afternoon. It’s been one of the most education birds I’ve had the good fortune of encountering and today, as seen below, I’ve collected two sonograms. Reason for this being that one of the one of the characteristics of a 1st summer/2cy singing male is that the song isn’t as perfected as adults are which has been evident on all of my visits made to see this bird, having had experience with a singing adult male last year in Kesall.

Today, the bird was giving a wide range of vocals including distinctive sections of P.collybita. In comparison to its song, the birds call has been described as a “little more plasticy and less tidy than expected” of a bird aged between 9-10 months old too. It’s the same situation with its song, it hasn’t decided what its best call/song is yet for the environment that it’s in. But to fully appreciate this birds vocals, listen to the best of todays recordings below.


Iberian Chiffchaff (Phyllosopus ibericus) – Sonogram 1.



Iberian Chiffchaff (Phyllosopus ibericus) – Sonogram 2.

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