Bonaparte’s Gull…

Whilst attending the NGB Week at the Bardsey Bird & Field Observatory last week, news came through as I was leaving the island with L. Anderson that a Bonaparte’s Gull had just been located at Hoylake, Cheshire. At first I thought Steve was just joking as he does to get us off the island…but he wasn’t, the 5th for Cheshire! We were too tired, cold and wet after Bardsey so having had a night of rest it time to get twitching again.

Having failed on the Monday after a two hour search with Dan Gornall, we planned our visit to coincide with the High Tide (9.8m) today to increase our chance and hope it’ll appear in the mixed gull/tern flock off of Kings Gap. Shortly after arriving on the scene news came through from Graham Jones that the bird had been seen, however it flew west towards CWT Red Rocks but no one had gone to check…it only took me quarter of an hour to relocate the bird in a mixed flock of Black-headed and Mew Gull which then led to a crowd of people heading my way to nail this fantastically beautiful looking gull.

Bonaparte's Gull @ Hoylake_edited-1

Adult winter Bonaparte’s Gull (Chroicocephalus philadelphia)

Bonaparte's Gull @ Hoylake mki_edited-1

Adult winter Bonaparte’s Gull (Chroicocephalus philadelphia)

Anyway that’s it for now, off for two weeks volunteering at the Fair Isle Bird Observatory tomorrow and still need to pack.

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One thought on “Bonaparte’s Gull…

  1. Hi Elliott would you have a copy of Bardsey Beacon December 2017. As i understand Harry did an article of his time on Bardsey last year. If you do would you be able to email it to us. Harry is very hard to get any news out of about his experiences as you know. If you can help thank you so much.Hope all is well with you & you enjoyed Bardsey this year. All the best Dave king.


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