Great Northern Diver…

Back on home turf today, so it’d rude not to drop by the marine lake at West Kirby for the Great Northern Diver on site. A description species to the waters of the Wirral peninsula, one mostly encountered off North Wirral in Liverpool Bay, though every so often inland records do occour in West Kirby and Birkenhead. The latter is a site which I’ve been fortunate to find two at during my years patching Birkenhead Docks.

Great Northern Diver mkii_edited-1

Great Northern Diver/Common Loon (Gavia immer)

Unlike most birds that turn on inland sites, the bird which had taken up residency in West Kirby was an adult, with just a few minor reminiscence of its summer plumage. As do all divers, or loons for the non-British readers, do on the marine lake, the bird gave brilliant views with on three occasions down to five meters. As well as the Great Northern Diver (aka Common Loon), on the lake another site rare was also present, Little Grebe which remind distant.

Great Northern Diver mkiii_edited-1

Great Northern Diver/Common Loon (Gavia immer)

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