About Me

Welcome! This is my website all about my birding adventures and much more which I hope you enjoy.


I am a 19yo all round wildlife enthusiast, with a deep fascination in the realm of ornithology as well as being an avid photographer of the natural world since the age of five. My family moved from Corsica to Britain in the early part of my life which was when the family went on a visit to WWT Martin Mere, Lancashire. It was when my fixation on birds and photography was intensified after seeing Black-winged Stilt, Pied Avocet & Western Marsh Harrier.

Black Grouse lekk mki_edited-1
Black Grouse (Lyrusus tetrix) – World’s End, Denbigshire.

I now live on the small, but mighty Wirral peninsula in Cheshire and have the good fortunate of having such a diverse array on habitats and wildlife on my door step; Bidston Moss NR & Birkenhead Docks being my beloved patches. Though currently, I’m studying Zoology at the University of Cumbria.

Over the years I gradually became more involved with the work of British Trust for Ornithology (BTO), along with the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB). It’s largely down to self motivation and wanting my life to have an impact on the world of conservation & ornithology, but there’s been individuals who’ve inspired me and pushed me in the right direction along the way: Martin Garner, Ben Porter, Kane Brides, Jane Turner, David Darrell-Lambert, good friend Cian Cardiff and most of all The Cameron Bespolka Trust and Viking Optical.

It’s down to those named above that I am a avid Lepidoptera & Botanical recorder, surveyor for the BTO doing the Wetlands Bird Survey (WeBS), Nest Recording Scheme & frequent user of Bird Track. In addition to this, I’m a proud ambassador for Viking Optical and The Cameron Bespolka Trust, completed an Internship at the Bardsey Bird & Field Observatory, Trainee BTO Ringer and finally offered a Scholarship to the Cornell Lab of Ornithology in Ithaca, New York state!

Furthermore, I have been featured a number of times in the regional and national press with a range of articles, interviews & images being featured in the Daily Mail, British Birds, Wirral Global, Wirral News, Bird Watching Magazine, Radio City 96.7, Smooth FM, Dee Estuary Birding, Autism Together and BBC Wildlife Magazine.

Elliot's Article in BBC Wildlife Maginize

Thanks for reading and hope you enjoy the my birding diaries, E.



3 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hello Elliot,
    I note your photo with bird boxes. I have inherited a bat box and House Sparrow nest box which has 3 separate entrance holes and 3 inspection flaps. Unused but been out on the flags in my garden for the last year. You are welcome to them if you can make use of them at all. If so just drop me an email. Email address is kendonago@hotmail.com
    Best wishes, Ken Mullins.


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