Hello I’m Elliot Montieth a 18 year old Ornithologist, Osteologists, Wildlife Photographer and Geologist based on the small but mighty Wirral peninsular situated in the NW of England nestled between the rivers Dee and Mersey and welcome everyone to my Birding Diaries.

My love for the natural world first came about when I was 5 after my very first trip to a  Martin Mere WWT, where I witnessed as only a chid one of UK’s first ever breeding attempts of Black-winged Stilts. It was that day which connected me to the wild wonders of the natural world, but it wasn’t until I reached 13 that I really started to take a real interest in the magnificent creatures that were surrounding me and became a Birder amongst other things.

Me whilst marching through the streets of Chester protesting against the Badger Cull

Being a Birder I wake up at what “normal” people mad or insane hours in the morning and walk around for hours on end to see what’s about, with the hope that I might find something rare or a bird which I particularly like such as a Greenshank. I’ve been Birding for 4 years now and there 4 years which I’ll never forget as I’ve had so many unforgettable memories: hand feeding Water Rail, seeing my first Hen Harrier and Barn Owl, going on my 1st MEGA twitch for American Buff-bellied Pipit, sitting on the shore line of Pennington Flash no more than 30cm away from a summer plumaged Sabine’s Gull! Spending the day with best birding mate Joel Tragen and have Great White Egret fly right over our heads (lifer for him), finding two Great Northern Divers in Birkenhead Docks (Patch), meeting and becoming good mates with both Findlay Wilde and Allan Conlin, watching a Merlin battle with a Herring Gull over a rodent over my College, diving with a hunting Shag in Spain along with finding Grey Phalaropes, “Orange-billed Tern”, Icterine Warbler, Wryneck Ring-billed Gull. All priceless memories.

When I’m not birding or photographing you can find me volunteering at either Burton Mere Wetlands RSPB or Port Sunlight River Park. I’ve got a soft spot for both sites as it was Burton Mere Wetlands where that love for nature which started off as a spark at Martin Mere WWT all those years ignited into a blazing passion, and PS River Park as I find it uncanny that it’s the perfect definition of the RSPB saying “If you make it, they will come”, the parks only been open for a year and already it’s had Yellowhammer, Yellow-legged Gull, Whinchat, Short-Eared Owl, Hen Harrier, Red-legged Partridge, Pied Flycatcher and Cetti’s Warbler.

I first set up Elliot’s Birding Diaries a year ago on another site which just informed people about my days out birding at various locations, but being the only young birder on Wirral I decided to adjust my style of writing so that it had some inspiration in it which would hopefully inspire young people who came across my site to either take up birding or at least an interest in the natural world around them. To my vey own surprisement I’ve actually been contacted by a number of young people saying that after meeting me or reading Elliot’s Birding Diaries that I’ve inspired them to some degree; weather its that I’ve inspired them to set up there own blog/site for them to express there love for nature and conservation or that they’ve now taken a an interest in the avian world around them.

I hope that enjoy my birding diaries along with some great guest posts and feel free to follow me on either Twitter,  Flicker or FaceBook and send your messages anytime.


2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. KEN MULLINS says:

    Hello Elliot,
    I note your photo with bird boxes. I have inherited a bat box and House Sparrow nest box which has 3 separate entrance holes and 3 inspection flaps. Unused but been out on the flags in my garden for the last year. You are welcome to them if you can make use of them at all. If so just drop me an email. Email address is kendonago@hotmail.com
    Best wishes, Ken Mullins.


  2. Jeff P says:

    Respect mate! Keep it up. Loved your “you really are a dickhead” reply to the idiot trolling Findlay over the DGS debate. Nice one!


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