The Journey: 100 Miles for Cameron

On the 29th of March I set out on a 106 mile trek from my home in Birkenhead, Cheshire across North Wales to the picturesque seaside town of Aberdaron, on the tip of the Llyn peninsula in order to raise funds for The Cameron Bespolka Trust. Who are empowering today’s youth through love for nature.


I’ve spent my entire childhood hiking and rock climbing, from the Peaks & Lake District  to Snowdonia and Iberia, but this was by far and away the most brutal task I’ve given myself to do. It took just over 4 Days to complete the trek which as with anything, had it’s high and low moments. The highlights ranged from the birds, that numbered 101sp which isn’t too shabby: Great Egret, Barn Owl, Ring Ouzel and a Western Osprey being the star. The views for some parts were utterly breathtaking and at the center of it all I had the knowledge of knowing that the money I was raising would be making a difference, more of a difference than I think most people could imagine.


Departing from Birkenhead on March 29th.

But, at times the mental strain of it broke me and I felt like I couldn’t carry on, that I’d be letting so many people down and I’d be a failure. When moments like that occurred, all I had to do was check social media to get the motivation I needed, because I was simply blown away at the sheer number of people supporting, sponsoring and believing I could pull this off.  At this point I really do need to say a massive thanks to Louis Driver, Luke Anderson and Adam Canning supporting in anyway they could during the walk and to Adele Montieth for delivering much needed supplies when needed.


In addition to that the weather wasn’t the best for parts of it, on the night of the April 1st strong winds and heavy rain brought down the tent. So it was a sleepless night and everything from me, to my boots, sleeping bag and rucksack was drenched. A lot of motivation lost, but as mentioned above, I had people there to be my bedrock when my foundations were shaken.

Now the walk is done and dusted, with at the time of writing this post a grand total of £1,670 being raised for the Trust, I just want to say thanks to everyone for there support. I’ve already got next years, bigger and badder walk in the making which I hope will receive even greater support than the introductory part of my fund raising adventures for the trust.


Arriving in Aberdaron on April 3rd.

Thanks for reading,


3 thoughts on “The Journey: 100 Miles for Cameron

  1. Well done mate! A great achievement and what a great place to walk i love Wales. The day we spent there finding the Rock thrush was a day i will never forget. We are going there next weekend to stay the night in the car for the Black grouse leck another great experience. If you fancy it and we can pick you up from a local train station get in touch with Harry. Well done again & all the best Dave.


      • Hi Elliot thanks very much for your company last night. The night went better than I thought not to unbearable & we had a laugh. Worth the long wait, love your flight shot hope you got some other cracking shots. All the best & see you sometime soon from Dave & Harry


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